Zipp 303 and Tufo/Jantex Tubular Rim Tape – Beware!

Since I’ve had good experience with tubular rim tape in the past (I used Tufo Extreme on aluminum rims when I rode l’Eroica last year and flatted twice – one so severe Stan’s sprayed everywhere – LOL – but using rim tape made replacing the tire a cinch) I decided to use the Tufo’s on my new Zipp 303’s…

until I went online and came across horror stories about carbon delamination! Several cyclists have trashed their rims while removing a taped tire as the carbon delaminates from the rim bed. Apparently, Tufo Extreme tape is just too sticky! Freaked out I took them off immediately (and carefully) and a flake of carbon (next to the spoke hole) came off with the tape!!!


When I chatted with a Zipp technician, he repeatedly stated that Zipp does not recommend ANY type of tubular tape (including Velox Jantex – I specifically asked) :

We do not recommend ANY tapes – they all tend to pull the carbon, add weight and increase your rolling resistance

My delamination was insignificant but the tape was only on for less than a week.

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