Finally got one! I’ve been searching for a Bianchi Superleggera on EBay for years, but most of them are in terrible shape: dinged, rusted, pitted so I kind of gave up hope… until I rebuilt my 1984 Bianchi Veloce and was bit by the Superleggera bug yet again (my dream bike as a kid – my dream bike 30 years later 🙂 ) A quick search on Google listed one for sale in California; tiny picture, barely visible, I almost didn’t contact the seller. Am I glad I did! Karl from Costa Mesa, couldn’t have come across a nicer guy. He bought the bike new as a kid and had kept all the original parts – including the original Almarc leather handle bars; sounded too good to be true! He sent me some hi-res photos, the bike was gorgeous! Karl had kept it in his living room all these years and it showed; hardly a flaw in the original paint, glistening chrome, only the original Mavic OR10s were missing – but I found those too! Could it get any better? Karl, a picture of you with your bike ?

THANKS Karl (aka “The Real Santa”) !!

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  1. I also wanted a Super Leggera in 1981 but I settled for a Campione del Mondo. It’s enough bike for me but still, I wish …

    I still have the one I bought, still love it.

  2. Being the second owner, I can’t be 100% certain if the Piaggo decal is stock or was added later. The paint is original as is the decal with the date of manufacture (it is undamaged and appears to never have been removed). I have another 1980 model that is identical… The bike is at my folk’s but I’ll post some closeups in the near future.

    – Paul

  3. I have a 1979 Bianchi Superleggera with Campy Super Record in very good condition that I’m thinking of selling. It has the Vespa sticker on the front and I can confirm that it is original for the 1979 frameset. I purchased the bike new in Spokane Washington and it took me to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs twice! It’s been hanging in my garage for decades. Still has the toeclips. Just email me if you’re serious about buying it. You know what its value is. Cheers.

  4. The piaggio decal would have started being applied possibly very late 79, but 1980 for sure. I wanted a supper leggera in 1980, but couldn’t afford one. I never found one and now at 49 years of age I had to settle for an 81 Campione Del Mondo, but really still search for an 80 or 81 Super Leggera. How about some better pictures of your grail bike.

  5. Stunning bike!! I was fortunate to recently find one as well in excellent condition. Everything is there I just need to verify the correct wheels. I had a X4 Argentin once, the biggest mistake I ever made was letting it go. One day I’ll get another one. I LOVE the SL. Thanks for sharing Ed.

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