Ringwood Trail Map – Update !

Some major changes and update to the map!

It now includes:

  1. 6 Bridges
  2. Race Course
  3. Poison Ivy
  4. Cat’s Nest
  5. Double S Trail
  6. Blueberry Way

The file is available for download as a Garmin Custom Map .kmz file and has been optimized for the Garmin Edge 800. To use it: download the .kmz file and copy it to the GarminCustomMaps directory and make sure custom maps have been enabled.

If you don’t own a Garmin Edge 800 you can still download the map and load it into Google Earth 🙂


The map is a work in progress and updated regularly and will eventually include all trails from the Ramapo Ringwood area. Please leave me any feeback or suggestions in the comments area below, or if you find any errors!



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