Repairing a Garmin File

Every so often the Edge 800 will misread a satellite coordinate and think you’ve traveled to the North Pole… which has the really annoying side effect of screwing up the device totals. Garmin doesn’t give you the option to correct the error, so I created  a little utility to update the file.

Download FTRepair


  1. Plug in the Edge 800
  2. Make a backup of your file (
  3. Run FTRepair (Download FTRepair)

If you find FTRepair useful – please leave a comment below 🙂


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    1. Could you repair my FIT file? My ride today has a corrupt file. If you are willing to repair it, how do I send it to you?


  1. Hi John,

    Plugin your Edge 800, then double click on My Computer and double click again on the drive that represents your Edge (ex: drive letter D, E, F, etc) Then go to the directory where the file is located example: “E:GarminTotals”. Finally right-click on the file and choose ‘copy’, then paste it to the directory of you choosing (you can simply paste it to the same directory as the original file).


  2. Have used Garmin 800 today for first time and when I uploaded it to, I saw that I had visited an island in the middle of the atlantic.
    Have downloaded your FTrepair utility, however don’t know what the “Current Device Totals” and “New Device Totals” that required to be entered. The ride was 60 miles, is that what is required to entered?, if so in which field?
    The process of uploading a course and using it on the 800 is not particularly user friendly for such an expensive device.


  3. Hi Derek,

    When you load your file, your current device totals will appear in the “Current Device Totals” field (which you can’t modify). You enter the value you ‘want’ in “New Device Totals” then click the update button. The value should be the sum of your individual bike odometer totals, which are probably wrong as well (but you can correct these on the Edge itself). You can determine the ‘real’ total if you know the actual length of your ride; at worst take a guess 🙂

    You should update the firmware on your Edge to the latest version (currently 2.20) as it corrects the problem to begin with.

  4. Thanks for this. You should also review the Garmin Edge 800 Screen Protector from xoskins. They are only $10 and stop finger prints and scratches. On their site video they take a dremel to one and it doesnt get through. These are the only military grade ones I have seen without the orange peel look or rubbery feel. I reviewed one on my blog a year ago and they sent it to me for free to review.

  5. Hi Paul

    Great little utility. Thought it wasn’t working at first but forget that you Europeans don’t calculate in Good Old fashioned British Miles 🙂

    If you are UK based then you will need to

    1. Identify the correct MILEAGE that you want the Edge 800 to display.

    2. Convert this into Kilometers using either Google or just multipling by 1.609344

    3. Enter the Kilometers total into the “New Device Total” box

    4.When you disconnect and switch the Edge back on the Total will be displayed in Miles

    1. Hi Marco,

      The file format changed with the last firmware release, I should have a fix ready soon…


  6. So will this work if I just have one FIT workout that has bad data, or is it just for the total of all the workouts?

  7. Having trouble with my .fit file. I have a mac. Unable to repair it with some online repair tools. Any advice on other resources?


    Dave Holznagel

  8. I also cannot seem to repair an inavalid .fit file from a ride today. I also use a Mac…any help is appreciated.

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