Raleigh Tourist DL-1

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  1. Hi,
    I am wondering where you found the headlight and adapter? I am restoring a Tourist and have had no luck on this front.
    The SOMA Torpedo light I found has a bit of rattle and bolting the supplied bracket to the Raleigh head set fitting is not really that easy on the eyes.

    Very nice job on the bike-the one women’s version I found was rotting away in a wet basement, but it will make the perfect birthday present for the girlfriend and I will have explain “patina”.

  2. Hi Neil, I’m sure she’ll love it ! I found the light on ebay – they come up pretty regularly, it’s a Sturmey Archer. I also have one made by Electra – the case is nice but it’s not very bright, so I might end up gutting it and pimping it with a hi power dynamo LED 🙂

    The adapter usually comes with the older SA lights but you could easily make your own by bending some sheet metal. If you just want the bracket eBay is your best bet.

    Send me your email and I’ll try to find you one.


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