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Cartography became a hobby of mine when I started mountain biking in Ringwood and was eternally lost. I kept hearing about all these great new trails but I could never find them ! And neither could anyone I met ! I had just gotten a Garmin Edge GPS and thought how cool it would be to put a real trail map on the thing. And now I’m on a roll… so check back often because there are many more maps to come !

And if you have any suggestions for new maps or additions or changes to existing ones, please leave a comment below.

High Mountain Trail Map

Update January 21st, 2018
– All map versions have been updated to version 1.0.4
– Improved map accuracy
– Cleaned up the Legend
– Added new trail 3B “Rabbit Hole” and 17A “Snake Bite”

Update October 16th, 2017
– All map versions have been updated to version 1.0.3
– Improved map accuracy
– Added new trail 12A – “H’s Way”, a better alternative back to Red from “Transfer”

Update August 6th, 2017
– All map versions have been updated to version 1.0.2
– Changed trail difficulty ratings
– Improved map accuracy
– Added missing uphill section to Ancients
– New trail added

Located in Northern New Jersey less than 10 minutes off state highway 287, High Mountain Park Preserve in Wayne township has become one of the premiere destinations for mountain biking in the state.

Rest assured, this is not your father’s High Mountain mountain bike destination. Yellow-Red-White blazed trails are a distant past (technically they’re still there) and you’ll never look at HM the same once you discover the endless miles of twisty single-track trails, the dozens of grueling climbs, and some seriously rad berms that will make even Steven Mancuso’s head spin. This is New School High Mountain.

Most of the trails are unmarked so it can be a little daunting for riders new to the area, but we’ve just made it easier for you with our High Mountain Trail Map :

If  you have a Garmin Edge 800/810/820/1000/1030

Download the High Mountain Garmin custom map (it also works as a Google Earth overlay).

For you Smartphone junkies

If you don’t have the Maprika App – get it NOW ! Then download the High Mountain Trail Map (you can search for our map by name within the app “High Mountain MTB” or get a list of all our maps by searching for “paulsmaps“.

Now… if you’re over 40 and didn’t understand a word you just read

You can download and print the PDF version instead 😉

Now shut up and ride and come back once you’re a believer.

High Mountain Aerial View

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Climbing Mont-Blanc

I hadn’t planned a cycling trip this summer let alone a trip to Chamonix but after watching Le Tour I had a really bad case of cycling fever… and mountain fever, and why not climb Mt-Blanc while I’m at it ?! And with my boss on vacation no better time than to pull out the steaming coffee mug…

Nine climbers killed in an avalanche, two more by falling rocks, with the fluctuating weather conditions these last few years the news is more often bad than good. Yvan and I had planned climbing up one of the more difficult routes via Mont Blanc du Tacul and Mont Maudit but with a heat wave in the forecast and conditions similar to those experienced by the 9 climbers killed in July we decided to play it safe and stay home. I was disappointed; I only had a few days left before returning to Canada and any hope of climbing Mt-Blanc was fading fast. A guide friend suggested I climb up alone as long as the weather forecast was favorable, but not knowing what to expect and thinking of how stressed my poor parents must already be, I decided to let it go…  But I consider myself fortunate and have some wonderful mountaineering friends; Florence called me last minute and hooked me up with her friend Carola, a tall sexy blond from Germany looking for a partner to climb Mont Blanc !

Many climbers claim Mont Blanc is an easy climb and I tend to agree, but while technically not challenging Mont-Blanc is still no walk in the parc. Even the classic Gouter route, with its limited exposure to falling seracs, requires traversing the sketchy Couloir du Gouter (also known as “Le Couloir de la Mort” because of the number of fatalities). Check out this video to see what I mean !

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