French for one-track mind. If you’re here, it’s because like us, you’re only interested in cycling and skiing. You’ll find hair-raising accounts of epic descents and unforgettable rides, unbiased equipment reviews and training tips by our veteran skier MIKE™. Restaurant critiques Ken & Pat™ are always up-to-date on the latest gastronomical feasts in the Chamonix valley, and cheese fondue connaisseur paul will share his personal maintenance tips for keeping that fine Italian machinery in perfect running condition. We’re always up for a good laugh, a memorable prank, so be sure not to miss our comic geniuses Lasse ‘Where’s the beach?‘ Grundström and Swiss Barbecue expert ‘Silam’ as they storm La Haute Savoie 🙂

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  1. Hello,

    We would like use your photo “Caldarium Pompéi” for our little book about roman bath. It’s a free book of our assoication. Is It possible please ?

    Thank You

  2. High Mountain in Wayne, NJ
    The map you publish encourages riders to go off trail and kill endangered plant species. Riders will be given a court date and are financially responsible for damages. If it continues the reservation will be made off limits to bicycles.

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